Commitment is Scary!

But it doesn’t have to be…


free-vector-signed-document-contract-clip-art_103109_Signed_Document_Contract_clip_art_hightBelieve me, I get it.


Committing to a CSA farm is a big decision and it’s real money, too.

A three-month share from Cedar Valley Sustainable is $315 going up to $1200 for a year-long share.

But…what if I dbacon_eggson’t like the cuts I get?





What if I’m not able to cook like what I see in the photos?






I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before, can I do this?

2014-01-18 18.37.15






How is the sausage spiced? Will my kids like it?



Italian Sausage Hoagie










That’s a lot of meat, will we get through it all?

What if I don’t eat beef/pork/chicken?


We have some answers for you!

Smaller Packages & Sample Shares

If you’d like to try us out before you make a longer-term commitment, we have smaller packages (Get Grilling, Daily Grind, Chicken and Sample Pack) as well as a one-month Sample Share.

See how great it is to get local, sustainable, delicious meats from some really great farmers without spending a big chunk of your grocery budget

Jody pictureBeth hat picture Jody and Beth are great cooks and enjoy sharing recipes and techniques (in their newsletter and on their blogs) to help you get the most out of your share.

If you’ve tried out our products, loved them, want to get our meat every month, but still aren’t ready to plunk down hundreds of dollars; you can get a monthly sustaining membership. We’ll charge your credit card ($110) once a month and deliver your share to one of our monthly delivery sites (or on-farm if that works for you).

If beef or pork or chicken is something you just don’t eat, you can choose “No Beef,” “No Pork,” or “No Chicken” as your share type when you fill out the Share Type portion of the sign-up form. It’s that easy!

Don’t get me wrong we LOVE when our members make a long term commitment!

In fact, if you have the money in the bank, a 12-month share gives a 5% return your money compared to signing up 3 months at a time. If you’re a sustaining member, switching to a year-long share gives you a 10% return on your money. How cool is that!

Getting your money up front really helps the farm out from a cash flow  and a planning perspective. Raising livestock is a long-term endeavor and getting more of the up-front cost covered is huge. Also, knowing our market months ahead makes planning production much easier. It would be great if all our members could commit for 3, 6, or 12 months. We know that’s not always possible and we’re glad we can give you options that aren’t so scary.








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