Happy New Year! We've made it through the holiday season and we're ready(?) for 2024.

Despite the cold and snowy weather this week, it's already beginning to be light just a little longer every day. Maybe that's why the idea of resolutions is so ubiquitous in January. If each day can eke out just a bit more sunlight during this cold winter month, we are inspired to be just a little bit better than we were before. I'm working on being more intentional with my time (more reading and creating, less scrolling on my phone) and more generous with myself (less of being my own worst critic). At the same time I'm celebrating and trying to maintain some healthy habits that I created in 2023.

Do you make resolutions? If you have set goals for yourself, I hope you achieve them and I especially hope that you appreciate your progress. Too often I think we see change as all or nothing, but in most things better is better, and perfectionism is the enemy of improvement.

So strive my friends, but also celebrate!

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