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Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm
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 8 reviews
 by Sara Davis

We love Cedar Valley meat. It is delicious, and comforting to know it isn’t grown on factory farms. We have been members since Beth and Jody began with a booth at the Logan Square Farmers Market and they have never been less than stellar in all those years. The small share is perfect for our household of two.

 by Deanna Nole

We have been a Cedar Valley Farm subscriber for many years, and are always very pleased with the quality and variety of our share. The ground meats (beef, sausage) are lean, and the chickens are large and tender when cooked. I crockpot my whole chickens, and pull the meat to use in a variety of dishes through the week, and it tastes so much better than spongy textured rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. We are dedicated to, and grateful for, and spoiled by Cedar Valley Farms CSA!

 by Jeanne & Tony

It's so wonderful to know where our meat is coming from, and that the animals are well cared-for and live happy, free lives. We've been to the farm and we can see why the quality is infinitely higher than buying from the store. Monthly pickup is easy and fast, and their flexibility (I often have to switch my regular time for another Saturday at a different location) is fantastic. Cedar Valley meat and eggs are delicious, and worth every penny and more!

 by Ashley

By far the best meat you can buy anywhere. Eggs are always fresh and bright-yolked. We roast the chickens and make anything we dont eat into the most lovely stock. I agree with the other reviewer: the pork chops are the best I've had. 10/10

 by Molly

Delicious meat and eggs, convenient monthly pickup in Chicago. Every time we cook with this meat, we find ourselves exclaiming about how good it is. Best pork chops I've ever tasted.

 by J Burger

Wonderful meat and eggs raised by Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm. We purchase monthly and they have delivery spots in Chicago that we pick up from them. I would highly recommend this farm for your CSA involvement.

 by Charlie M

We have been so happy with the share we've bought and feel grateful to you for putting it on. It enriched our lives beyond measure. We'll continue recommending to friends and wish you and Jody all the best.

 by Tom M

We have been a member of the CSA for Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm for a number of years now ever since Beth graciously attended a Sustainability Fair my company was holding. I have to say we've always been delighted with our monthly share - the quality of the meats are far superior to what you'd buy at the supermarket - chicken with actual flavor! And it's great to know where it's coming from and that the animals were well looked after. Plus we get to support a great local farm and family!