• Lamb

Lamb is sold on hanging weight, the weight after butchering, but before cutting into into individual pieces. Depending on your instructions to the butcher you'll take home 60% - 70% of the hanging weight.

The cost of lamb is $11 per pound, plus processing ($50/ half or $100/ whole)

An average lamb will weigh around 60 lbs.

A whole lamb (including processing) will cost approximately $760, a half around $380

Lamb will yield between 60 and 70% take home weight, depending on your cutting instructions. (So you'll have about 40 lbs of meat in your freezer from a whole lamb.)

Following is a list of possible cuts from a whole 60 lb. lamb. Following each cut is the number of packages and their approximate size. You will work with the butcher to customize your cutting order.

Chops 12 packages (2/pkg)
Shoulder Roast 2 (4 lbs)
Leg Roasts (bone in) 2 (6 lbs)
Leg Shank 4 (1 lb)
Stew Meat 3 (1 lb)
Ribs 1 (2-3 lbs)
Ground 3 (1 lb)