• Pork

Pork is sold on hanging weight, the weight after butchering, but before cutting into into individual pieces. Depending on your instructions to the butcher you'll take home 70% - 80% of the hanging weight.

The cost of pork is $4.40 per pound, plus approximately $1.10 per pound for processing (depending on your order)

An average pig is around 200 lbs.

A whole pig (including processing) will cost approximately $1100, a half around $550

Following is a list of possible cuts from a whole pig. Following each cut is the number of packages and their approximate size. You will work with the butcher to customize your cutting order.

20 pork chops
8 shoulder steaks
4 shoulder roast
2 packages ribs (3-4 lb pkg)
14 lbs sausage (you choose the seasoning)
52 lbs cured (includes ham & bacon)
Neck bones, liver, variety meats


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