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Three years ago, we bought the domain name for Opinionated Peasants. Our idea then was to start posting on food and farming as well as a broader range of topics from parenting to small business ownership to politics.

Unfortunately, it’s been dormant since then as doing the farming, parenting, and running a business seemed to get in the way of writing. What we’ve found, though, is that when we write/publish articles on what we do good things happen. So, we’re giving it renewed life.

We’re building out the blog. We’ll post about more than just food, farm news and events – which is what you’ll see here on “At the Farm Table”. It is definitely a work in progress, but we’ve decided to publish and publicize as we grow into more seasoned bloggers. What held Opinionated Peasants back in the past was that we didn’t want talk about the blog until we had it “finished.” We’ve realized that nothing is EVER finished.

Hopefully, as we go along it will improve and grow and it will give value to YOU, our readers. Help us out by commenting on our posts, asking questions, and giving us suggestions!

You’ll see posts about family, growing a sustainable business, politics, as well as cooking and farming articles. We have three terrific boys. We’ll share stories about our parenting wins and fails, and how we manage (and sometimes don’t) the pushes and pulls of work, family, school, and relationships.

We even have a merchandise page in the works – think tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and plans for chicken tractors and pig shelters.

Jody recently posted a long-form post on how to adopt the chef’s practice of prepping ahead of time to cook more like a professional. It called Mise en Place.cracked eggs

Following the tips can really reduce stress when cooking.

It’s, also a place to go for resources as well. We’ve started out with food and CSA links, but we’ll be adding links to a lot of sites that we have found useful in our farming, business and family lives.

Come join us on this blogging adventure!

Subscribe with the feed burner, share with your friends on social media, and by all means leave comments, questions, and story ideas!

We want it to be an interactive community!

2 Responses to The Peasants Speak – Opinionated Peasants

  1. I, Christopher Sharp, am a history buff who likes to learn more about the world that we live in. I was a teenager during the 1970’s when America had two oil shocks (1973-74 and 1979). I wanted to learn more about energy issues then. That lead me to subjects like renewable energy, electric cars and to sustainability. My grandparents were farmers. One full time and the other part time. My parents liked to garden and I learned much from them. All of this has lead me to the local food movement and to buy food from local farmers. Supporting local farmers who are trying to raise food in a sustainable manor is important to our combined future. It is an investment in our future.

  2. Christopher, thanks for checking in! We really appreciate your support, interest and thoughtfulness. Our endeavors definitely have an eye toward the future – a future that is more resilient and more sustainable. Supporting local businesses, including farms, and shortening the supply chain (including growing more of our own food) help us move toward resilience and a sustainable economy.

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