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Cutting up a Whole Chicken

I often just take the easy route of roasting (or crock-potting) a whole bird and just cutting or pulling the meat off once it’s cooked.  Once in a while though I want to make a recipe that calls for cut up pieces.  Here’s a great resource for learning how to:

Cutting Up a Chicken  Melissa Clark from the NY Times shows how to cut up a whole chicken.

Italian Sausage Hoagies

 Comfort Food! Italian Sausage Hoagies   This is a family favorite. Using bulk sausage means we can get 5-6 hoagies out of a pound of sausage versus four when we us links.    Italian Sausage Hoagies   Print A quick and easy sandwich. Ingredients 2 T Olive oil 2-3 Yellow onions, sliced 2-3 Sweet peppers… Continue Reading

Commitment is Scary!

But it doesn’t have to be…   Believe me, I get it.   Committing to a CSA farm is a big decision and it’s real money, too. A three-month share from Cedar Valley Sustainable is $315 going up to $1200 for a year-long share. But…what if I don’t like the cuts I get?    … Continue Reading