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Cutting up a Whole Chicken

I often just take the easy route of roasting (or crock-potting) a whole bird and just cutting or pulling the meat off once it’s cooked.  Once in a while though I want to make a recipe that calls for cut up pieces.  Here’s a great resource for learning how to:

Cutting Up a Chicken  Melissa Clark from the NY Times shows how to cut up a whole chicken.

Italian Sausage Hoagies

 Comfort Food! Italian Sausage Hoagies   This is a family favorite. Using bulk sausage means we can get 5-6 hoagies out of a pound of sausage versus four when we us links.    Italian Sausage Hoagies   A quick and easy sandwich. Ingredients 2 T Olive oil 2-3 Yellow onions, sliced 2-3 Sweet peppers (any… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Turkey Collaboration!

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm announces collaboration with Gunthorp Farms! The first and best meat CSA in Chicago is teaming up with the premier provider of pasture-raised turkeys to top restaurant and retail outlets. October 9, 2017 (Chicago, IL)— CVSF is excited to announce they will again partner with Gunthorp Farms to bring drug-free, GMO free… Continue Reading