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New Year New Audiences

New Year – New Audiences

We have a serious case of “Winter Brain” this year.  Beth mentioned it in our January newsletter. It’s an attack of new ideas and inspirations for the farm.

A couple of ideas are already coming to fruition. In the coming weeks we will participate in 4 pop-up markets.  The first two are inspired by the great work done by the Fairshare CSA Coalition in Wisconsin. Their farmer members attend farmers markets in office buildings in around the Madison area. Jody saw a news story on this and thought “Hey, there are office buildings in our delivery area.” So, he put a post on our farm Facebook page about it and one of our member replied that her office building would be a great place for a pop-up market – Thanks Lauren!

Lauren put us in touch with her building’s management team. They were already thinking of doing just this sort of event. Next week, on January 23rd we’ll be at 1 N. Dearborn from 3-5:15 pm.  On the 25th we’ll be at 330 N. Wabash, also, from 3-5:15 pm. In addition to our meat and eggs we’ll have flour and dried beans from our friend Molly Breslin’s farm. There will be local honey and artisan teas from other vendors.

On the 26th we continue the pop-up tour at Temperance Beer Company in Evanston. Temperance is one of our enthusiastic delivery hosts.  Sitka Salmon (sushi quality, wild caught by family fishermen)  will join us as well as a hot sauce maker and a prepared food vendor. We’ll be selling from 1-4 pm at Temperance.

Revolution Fitness


The second idea – introduce our “Paleo Packages” to people passionate about fitness & nutrition – through Crossfit gyms takes hold in February at Solemn Oath in Naperville for our 4th pop-up market. Joining us there will be Sean Hastings of Revolution Fitness Naperville. Sean is helping us introduce our sustainable meats to his members and he’ll be sharing what he does with visitors to the market.  Get great food and meet a trainer that will help you get into great shape!

We’d like to work with other gyms/fitness professionals near our other delivery sites. If you have a favorite, please let us know. We’d love the introduction!

Coming Back to the South Side!!

Update (3/13) – We had a great time at Blue Island Beer Company today, lots of interest! We’ll be kicking off the new delivery location there in April.  Sign up is available now – the schedule will be updated soon. Coming Back to the South Side This is the place it all started for Cedar… Continue Reading

Commitment is Scary!

But it doesn’t have to be…   Believe me, I get it.   Committing to a CSA farm is a big decision and it’s real money, too. A three-month share from Cedar Valley Sustainable is $315 going up to $1200 for a year-long share. But…what if I don’t like the cuts I get?    … Continue Reading