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A Film Crew Visited the Farm Last Summer – Vegan Butcher

Molly Breslin is a friend and a fellow farmer.
She used have a roommate, Kat.
Kat’s boyfriend, Ryan, is a videographer. Ryan was working a story about a vegan who opened a butcher shop.
He needed to film and interview a sustainable livestock farmer.
Ryan came to Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm.
This is the video.
I hope you like it; I think it turned out swell.

Who’s growing your holiday turkey(s)?

Every fall at about this time, our CSA members and farmers market customers ask us about holiday turkeys. We HAVE grown turkeys for the holidays in the past, but due to a amount finite brooder space (where to put turkeys when we have a very full schedule of meat chickens?), scheduling issues (every grower wants… Continue Reading

Terra Madre Re-cap

Last month (how can it be a month already?!), I had the privilege and responsibility to represent  Slow Food Chicago in Turin, Italy at Terra Madre/Salone del Gusto 2016 (http://bit.ly/2eg1qH3). This biennial conference and food show celebrates our diverse food cultures, protects biodiversity, and works to improve our global food system through local action and community… Continue Reading