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Last Sunday was our last Logan Square farmers market. We had a wonderful season and a big thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. It was one of our best seasons, ever!

Logan Square Farmers Market
Logan Square Farmers Market

The end of the market season is always bittersweet. On one hand, it’s a welcome break after a 24 week season that coincides with our busiest days on the farm. On the other hand, we really miss seeing our friends, food and farming colleagues, and customers. We love food and farming, and we love talking about it! Beth would say that I could just say that I love talking. She’s (mostly) right, I do love talking, but what I love most is the conversations centered on food and community. I miss those conversations when the market season ends.

So…let’s keep the conversation going! This Sunday, Jody will be at the Dupage Unitarian Church for Science Sunday. A group of 50-60 science-minded folks get together twice a month at the UUC for an NPR “Science Friday”-style discussion with an expert. This week’s topic is: Managed Grazing, climate change mitigation, and how livestock can make farming (and eating) more sustainable. If you’re in the area (1828 Old Naperville Road, in Naperville, IL), please join us! The talk goes from 9:30-11:00 am.

If you have a group (book club, Sunday brunch club, neighborhood association, congregation, etc) that would like to have a conversation with farmers engaged in the community,  immersed in changing the food system, and committed to making our world a better place, let us know!  Our Sundays are (mostly)free now and we are working on filling our fall/winter speaking schedule –we do have other days than Sunday available as well.




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