We Love Referrals


“My brother-in-law subscribes and raves about the quality of the meats.”

This came in on a recent share sign-up – we ask how new sign-ups have heard about us.

We do a fist-pump, and give a “YES!” when we see or hear this. It means we’re doing things right. Also, it helps our bottom line.

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm has a very loyal following, but members do drop (they move, their circumstances change, travel interferes with home cooking, etc.). So, bringing in new customers is critical to our business continuing and growing. Your help spreading the word about our CSA really matters in this regard; and we want to make it easy for you to do that.

We will be having “Meat & Greets” at all our deliveries over the next month. We’re asking our members to bring a friend or friends to their pick-up sites. They can meet us, learn about our farm’s CSA; and, as an added bonus, take home a free dozen eggs. Here is a link to our delivery schedule and map.

(By the way, you don’t have to come with a member to take advantage of the offer, all are welcome!)


Thanks for your continuing support of Cedar Valley Sustainable!


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