Never the Same

same river

One of the things I love about running our business is that there are no two days alike, but a couple of weeks ago there was one day that was especially wide-ranging.

Early that morning I was at the computer doing some routine housekeeping on our member database and taking care of emails. Some slight variation of this is how most of my days begin. I’m a morning person, so I find it easier to concentrate on that kind of work first thing.
After getting everyone breakfast and helping Jody with morning chores things started to get a little more interesting. We went to work on our fall project – fencing. We’re working (by ‘we’ I mean mostly Jody) on building a new high tensile fence around the upper field. The step we were working on that day was twofold; clearing some nuisance trees (thorny honey locust) that had grown up inside the current fence line and turning them into nine foot fence posts.
That was when I got to indulge my love of power tools and learn how to run a chainsaw. It’s a very satisfying feeling. I may find more things that NEED to be chain sawed around the farm!

Finally the evening saw us at a fantastic supper club at Sauce & Bread Kitchen ( in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, featuring pork shoulder from our farm. I love that for us (and the boys) Chicago isn’t a strange and faraway place, but a regular part of our lives. We really do have the best of both worlds, all the natural beauty of life on the farm and the rich and varied experiences that Chicago has to offer.
Sauce & Bread Supper Club

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