Russ Dusek

Russ Dusek The best products and people! We’ve been getting our meat and eggs form Beth and Jody since about 2009 I believe. The quality of the product is unmatched. The expertise, professionalism and service provided by them absolutely the best. My vocabulary does not include enough of the appropriate words to explain how satisfied… Continue Reading

Catherine O’Grady

Catherine O'Grady 3/20/2015 Great Meat & Great People Without hesitation i endorse Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm for the amazing beef, pork, chicken, eggs, recipes, ideas, activism they share with their members. We buy the meat in bulk and share costs / meat cuts between family and friends. And the taste, the tenderness is amazing! If… Continue Reading


E F 3/19/2015 Yum! Very satisfied customer for many years! It gives me great piece of mind knowing I can trust the quality and wholesomeness, and I can really taste the difference too. Nowhere else have I experienced eggs so golden and rich, and the meat share offers excellent variety and taste. I think this… Continue Reading