Working with a Whole Chicken

My go to way of cooking a whole chicken is usually to put the whole thing in a crock pot and, after it’s cooked, removing the meat from the bones and using it in multiple recipes over the coming days.

Sometimes though, I want the pieces intact. So, it’s time to get out the knife and kitchen scissors and get to work.

Begin by pulling a leg away from the body and slicing though the skin to loosen it further. When you cut into the meat the key is to find the joint between the thigh and the body and work your knife in. When you have the right location, it will come apart with relative ease.

After removing both leg and thigh quarters, repeat the same process with the wings. Pulling them away and finding the joint.

So far, so good!

Now, it’s time to take off the breasts. Using a pair of kitchen scissors, find the fat line at the bottom of the breast and use that as your cutting guide. Repeat on both sides, until the breasts are separated from the backbone.

To separate the breasts and remove the bone use a sharp filet (thin bladed) knife and work it in short feathery strokes to cut the meat away from the bone.

That’s it! don’t forget to save the backbone, breast bone and neck for stock!

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