Chicken Soup, Not Chemical Soup

I’m not known for following recipes, but I do sometimes try.  Earlier this week I was making chicken soup with rice for the first time.  I had my chicken stock made, but I wanted to figure out the liquid to rice ratio, so I didn’t end up with a solid lump.

My search for “chicken soup with rice” first yielded a cute little ear worm (thanks Maurice Sendak), but then it got to some results that I was looking for, or so I thought…

From I got this gem “Bite-sized pieces of chicken breast are simmered in chicken stock enriched with bouillon cubes, in this soup with carrots, celery and white rice.” (rated 4.4/5 stars)

From “This soup is made with store-bought broth and rotisserie chicken, which shortens the preparation time considerably. (If you usually make your soup from scratch, you may be surprised at how appealing this shortcut can be when you’re rushed.)”  (rated 3.5/4)

Yes, I would be very surprised if that were even remotely appealing.  I know, those things smell good in the store, but have you EVER looked at the ingredient list?  You need to be a chemist to read it.

It’s CHICKEN SOUP not rocket science.  Get a crock pot people.  (Seriously, if you don’t have one, you have to get a crock pot.)

The epicurious recipe doesn’t even save you the trouble of boning a cooked chicken (at least the allrecipies one has that small ‘advantage’.

So, I ended up winging it (as usual) but with more ranting (which always entertains the boys) and my soup turned out fine!

By the way, I used about a cup of uncooked rice per gallon of stock and it was just right.

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